Jetlag Express from Shanghai to Casablanca VIA Tripoli

36 hours from China to Morocco. I’m on a train from the airport to Casablanca and it’s only been  an hour but feels like it took 20 hours.  We are arriving to Morocco after a 36 hour-long Qatar flight 550 from Shanghai where we each racked up almost 8000 miles of distance along with aContinue reading “Jetlag Express from Shanghai to Casablanca VIA Tripoli”

Great Skate Escapes of NYC Black Friday Holiday Weekend

For those frugal travelers coming into NYC for some deals on Black Friday there is some hope of having a good time even after the wallet is empty.   NYC is, like many other cities is much more fun without a budget but there’s still so much to do.  It just requires a little moreContinue reading “Great Skate Escapes of NYC Black Friday Holiday Weekend”

How do you afford to Travel?

This is a question I get from time to time.  It’s simple and it only takes a little sacrifice, motivation and organization. Here are some of the things I do to save for the next trip. 1.  Manage Eating out. Eat at home as much as possible, take lunch to work and instead of diningContinue reading “How do you afford to Travel?”

Short List of Subway train fares in the U.S.

Here’s a breakdown of current subway fares which will all probably be going up soon.  This isn’t a complete list but the most popular and interesting routes in the U.S. New York City MTA: $2.25 Washington D.C. Metro: $1.65-$4.50 Chicago L: $2.25 Boston T: $2.00 San Francisco MUNI: $2.00 Los Angeles Metro:  $1.25 San Juan,Continue reading “Short List of Subway train fares in the U.S.”

To pack or not to pack?

So it’s about a week or so until the flight is taking off to the other side of the earth and it’s time to start packing.  What is in your bag will be the same amount for a trip that’s a month or a year in general terms.  This is of course considering that youContinue reading “To pack or not to pack?”

Now that you decided to travel….

So now you have decided to take that week, month, year or unlimited time off to travel, now it’s time to figure out where to go from here.  Planning and preparing for any trip can take a while to do thoroughly so start a few months ahead and pace yourself.  The list can seem endless.Continue reading “Now that you decided to travel….”