3 Farflung Museums of the World

My current home town of NYC has some pretty amazing museums.  The city is fortunate to have the world’s history and art come to them instead of traveling many time zones away to see it. When I’m traveling I’m always up for checking out the ones that get a little less attention and are somewhatContinue reading “3 Farflung Museums of the World”

Spring is coming? That’s what Chuck says

Staten island resident ground-hog, Chuck, says that spring is coming soon.  Doesn’t take a groundhog getting woken up from a winter’s nap to be able to see that coming.  Daffodils are already peeking out of the ground in Inwood Park and some  cherry trees have blossomed in Central Park. The weather is as usual unpredictable andContinue reading “Spring is coming? That’s what Chuck says”

Year of the Dragon Parade Celebration – NYC

Year of the Dragon – NYC 2012 New York City is a perfect home for intrepid travelers.   It’s the city that historically is known for its candid talk and surly abrupt manners or lack of them.  And yes, Gotham has again been voted  the rudest city in America, but at the same time ranksContinue reading “Year of the Dragon Parade Celebration – NYC”

May pictures of the World Trade Center from up above

WTC in lower Manhattan 30 stories above last night.  It’s looking pretty good.  It seems like they are in high gear as the 10 year anniversary is fast approaching.   The big corporations are signing up for a piece of space in the towers. The financial giants now headquartered in Times Square and Jersey could be planningContinue reading “May pictures of the World Trade Center from up above”

Echo rules Madison Square Park NYC this summer

What is that glowing white figure in the middle of Madison Square Park?  It’s Echo by artist Jaume Plensa.  This large 44′ tall sculpture is made up of 15 blocks of plaster which have been individually joint together by lead sheets.   The 3-D sculpture is the face of a 9-year-old girl who lives in his neighborhood andContinue reading “Echo rules Madison Square Park NYC this summer”

Time to trim the tree…let the Holiday Season Games begin!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the many traditions I have missed while living in NYC just short of 11 years.  My family decided to travel in this year for the holiday, so it just seemed wrong not to go and take a look.  The weather on thursday was mild but it wasContinue reading “Time to trim the tree…let the Holiday Season Games begin!”

Great Skate Escapes of NYC Black Friday Holiday Weekend

For those frugal travelers coming into NYC for some deals on Black Friday there is some hope of having a good time even after the wallet is empty.   NYC is, like many other cities is much more fun without a budget but there’s still so much to do.  It just requires a little moreContinue reading “Great Skate Escapes of NYC Black Friday Holiday Weekend”

Central Park, angry people and flowers in the rain

It was a more typical late March day in Central Park NYC today.  We have been spoiled with the unseasonably mild warm weather the last week or so.  I still enjoy a misty cool day in NYC since I had the park to myself.  Just me and a few horse and bike carriages.  A horsemanContinue reading “Central Park, angry people and flowers in the rain”

Great things about being a Tourist in NYC

NYC literally lives for tourist. I sometimes think that if Ray Kelly had to save me or a British visitor he would choose the later.  The city doesn’t sleep and is always ready to show a visitor a good time not matter where they are from.   This is ok with me because without the influx of foreignContinue reading “Great things about being a Tourist in NYC”