Short List of Subway train fares in the U.S.

Here’s a breakdown of current subway fares which will all probably be going up soon.  This isn’t a complete list but the most popular and interesting routes in the U.S.

New York City MTA: $2.25

Washington D.C. Metro: $1.65-$4.50

Chicago L: $2.25

Boston T: $2.00

San Francisco MUNI: $2.00

Los Angeles Metro:  $1.25

San Juan, P.R. Tren Urbano: $1.50

Detroit People Mover: 50 cents (WOW)

The fares on the New York City Subway aren’t looking too bad are they.  It’s not the cleanest and it’s not as modern like the Tokyo Metro, but it does take riders far and does it 24 hours a day.   Chicago charges the same fare but goes a fair distance but only until around 1am like Boston which is 25 cents less.  The MUNI is a fare price if you live in the right neighborhoods.  If anything, one can’t beat the transfers they give out.  I once got one that gave me 2 hours.  Who even takes the subway in LA?  Ridership is up on LA subways so hopefully there are less cars on the road as well (doubt it).  San Juan P.R. (10.7 miles) and Detroit (3 miles) are small systems but they must help some people get to where they want go.  Can’t beat either prices.

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