Destination Esfahan

It has been given the historical title of being “half of world”  for a reason.  To see it was to see half the world.  To miss Esfahan would be missing a big part of modern Iran. It was named the capital of Persian twice under two different ruling powers and is a place that hasContinue reading “Destination Esfahan”

A typical day for visitors on a guided tour of Iran

What does a typical day on a guided tour in Iran look like? Curious on what actually goes down when you are an American on a mandatory guided tour in Iran?  It’s not as bad as it sounds and there’s no choice in the matter since we are Americans. My husband and  I, like manyContinue reading “A typical day for visitors on a guided tour of Iran”

Best of Yazd: From getting lost in the quiet alleyways to enjoying the view from the rooftops

Yazd is oldest city in the world and to get to know it a visitor needs to see it from all angles The adobe alleyways in the old city  keep the dwellings protected from the sun, large vehicles out and water fresh and cool below.   My visit started on a thursday after noon andContinue reading “Best of Yazd: From getting lost in the quiet alleyways to enjoying the view from the rooftops”

First visit to a real Zoroastrian Fire temple in Yazd (Part 2)

The next stop was a short one to see a flame that burns in the honor of the highest deity in the Zoroastrian religion Ahura Mazda – the lord of Light and Wisdom The fire found inside this temple in Yazd has been burning continuously since 470 AD.  It came to this simple building in 1932.Continue reading “First visit to a real Zoroastrian Fire temple in Yazd (Part 2)”

A moonlight night at the Zein-o-din

Caravanserai’s were the hostels of the Silk Road hundreds of years ago. The Zein-o-din Caravanserai is a special place in the middle of the desert in Yazd Province. This one was one of two which is circular since most were square. Some visitors take day trips here and others treat themselves to an overnight stay.Continue reading “A moonlight night at the Zein-o-din”

A few stops along the roadway to the Zein-o-din

This was our first day on the road since my husband and I landed in Shiraz just four days prior.  We had visited Persepolis and now we were heading to Cyrus the Great’s burial site and his capital Pasargadae.  After that, we continued on to see the Beehive Ice House structure that was once aContinue reading “A few stops along the roadway to the Zein-o-din”

Out of Shiraz and into the desert

The stay and Shiraz was a great one but it was time to hit the road and get a change of scenery.  We passed by the Qur’an Gate and headed North out of the city.  It would have been great if we could have driven though it like our guide Mahmoud used to when heContinue reading “Out of Shiraz and into the desert”

Good times…when the Zand Dynasty made Shiraz Persia’s Capital

The fortress known as Karim Khani Citadel today shows signs of age.  There’s a tilting tower, missing columns and a Qu’ran missing.  It’s almost 300 years old so all of this isn’t unexpected.  The structure was the main residential palace of Karim Khan-e-Zand and his dynasty and later in the mid 20th century home to prisonersContinue reading “Good times…when the Zand Dynasty made Shiraz Persia’s Capital”

Iran: What’s on Tap?

After a long hot day on the Silk Road trail travelers like myself are looking for a comfortable seat, good company and a cold beverage to go along with it all. The there’s plenty of beer to choose from at the local packy. They usually come in flavors like pomegranate, lemon, lime, mango, peach and ofContinue reading “Iran: What’s on Tap?”

Naqsh-e Rostam: Achaemenid Empire and Murderous Sibling Rivalry

Naqsh-e Rostam doesn’t look like more than a few holes in the side of a hill of limestone.  This hill is where four great leaders of Persia once laid to rest – Darius the Great, Xerxes I,  Artaxerxes I and Darius II.  These men lived at a time where brother killed brother in order to gainContinue reading “Naqsh-e Rostam: Achaemenid Empire and Murderous Sibling Rivalry”

Iran: What to pack ladies and what to tell the man to wear

What to pack What men and women wear when visiting an Islamic ruled country like Iran is something most travelers should take time to study.  Men travelling to Iran should not plan on wearing shorts or short pants in Iran no matter what the temperatures are like.  It used to be against the law for men to wearContinue reading “Iran: What to pack ladies and what to tell the man to wear”