3 Farflung Museums of the World

My current home town of NYC has some pretty amazing museums.  The city is fortunate to have the world’s history and art come to them instead of traveling many time zones away to see it. When I’m traveling I’m always up for checking out the ones that get a little less attention and are somewhatContinue reading “3 Farflung Museums of the World”

Best of Yazd: From getting lost in the quiet alleyways to enjoying the view from the rooftops

Yazd is oldest city in the world and to get to know it a visitor needs to see it from all angles The adobe alleyways in the old city  keep the dwellings protected from the sun, large vehicles out and water fresh and cool below.   My visit started on a thursday after noon andContinue reading “Best of Yazd: From getting lost in the quiet alleyways to enjoying the view from the rooftops”

Yazd – the City of Badgirs

I usually like to find attractions along the way which are overlooked and ultimately not overcrowded. My interests are more than checking off a list which usually means seeing what many don’t stop and see. I found many things in Yazd which may seem to be boring because of their name but ended up beingContinue reading “Yazd – the City of Badgirs”

Yazd: Windcatchers of the Desert Oasis

The top two things that come to mind when I think of my stay in Yazd are Windcatchers and its ancient Qanat water systems. Further confirming that I am a travel geek. Just off of the Ancient Silk Road Highway It survived Mongol invasion and its famous visitors include explorer Marco Polo in the 13thContinue reading “Yazd: Windcatchers of the Desert Oasis”

Kharanaq: Please don’t shake the Minerat

Ancient Kharanaq is like a scene out of an old western with tumbleweed and the only signs of life are  some lonely donkeys and feral kitties.  The townspeople have moved into new housing just meters away. The town itself is filled with winding covered passageways with rooms branching off of them. It’s easy to loseContinue reading “Kharanaq: Please don’t shake the Minerat”

First visit to a real Zoroastrian Tower of Silence in Yazd (Part 1)

It was hard leaving the chill environment of the Zein-o-din but the journey north continued. Our next destination was Yazd known to be the center of Zoroastrianism. We of course had a few Zorastrian highlights to see before the end of the day. These included the ancient burial platform called the Tower of Silence onContinue reading “First visit to a real Zoroastrian Tower of Silence in Yazd (Part 1)”

The Good and Bad of Travel in Iran

Biggest Surprises and what surpassed my expectations in Iran There’s only so much blog reading and picture browsing a future traveler can do before setting out on an adventure to a foreign land.  Information that’s out there via blogs, pictures news articles – reliable and current on travelling to Iran isn’t as prevalent as sayContinue reading “The Good and Bad of Travel in Iran”