The four Iwans of the Jameh Mosque of Esfahan

At the first encounter, there is a courtyard of the Friday Mosque in Esfahan is composed of four prayer halls or Iwans, the east and west are similar in hight and frame but the west is more colorful. The north and south are much larger and both compete for who is fairest.  Each iwan designContinue reading “The four Iwans of the Jameh Mosque of Esfahan”

Esfahan Market Delight

Esfahan is not only one of the top travel destinations of Iran but also the place to get something to take home.  The US has many restrictions on how much it’s citizens can spend in Iran. This restriction along with the obstacle of having enough cash to float you the whole visit restricts spending andContinue reading “Esfahan Market Delight”

Destination Esfahan

It has been given the historical title of being “half of world”  for a reason.  To see it was to see half the world.  To miss Esfahan would be missing a big part of modern Iran. It was named the capital of Persian twice under two different ruling powers and is a place that hasContinue reading “Destination Esfahan”