Flowers are out along Park Ave NYC

38 rose blossoms crawling with insects bring an early spring to Park Ave NYC thanks to the Public Art fund and artist Will Ryman. The towering pink and red roses adored with crawling bug sculptures stand 3′-22 feet tall along the wintry grey portion of Park Ave. between 57th and 67th Streets. The roses buds themselves weigh up to 2500Continue reading “Flowers are out along Park Ave NYC”

Time to trim the tree…let the Holiday Season Games begin!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the many traditions I have missed while living in NYC just short of 11 years.  My family decided to travel in this year for the holiday, so it just seemed wrong not to go and take a look.  The weather on thursday was mild but it wasContinue reading “Time to trim the tree…let the Holiday Season Games begin!”

Great Skate Escapes of NYC Black Friday Holiday Weekend

For those frugal travelers coming into NYC for some deals on Black Friday there is some hope of having a good time even after the wallet is empty.   NYC is, like many other cities is much more fun without a budget but there’s still so much to do.  It just requires a little moreContinue reading “Great Skate Escapes of NYC Black Friday Holiday Weekend”

5 Travel Tips for New York City

I’ve lived in this amazing city for the past decade and have managed to hold my own when I’m out and about.  I like most people living and working on this island do a lot of walking.  Not only is it the best way to get around but it’s sometimes the fastest (weather permitting ofContinue reading “5 Travel Tips for New York City”

Central Park, angry people and flowers in the rain

It was a more typical late March day in Central Park NYC today.  We have been spoiled with the unseasonably mild warm weather the last week or so.  I still enjoy a misty cool day in NYC since I had the park to myself.  Just me and a few horse and bike carriages.  A horsemanContinue reading “Central Park, angry people and flowers in the rain”

Great things about being a Tourist in NYC

NYC literally lives for tourist. I sometimes think that if Ray Kelly had to save me or a British visitor he would choose the later.  The city doesn’t sleep and is always ready to show a visitor a good time not matter where they are from.   This is ok with me because without the influx of foreignContinue reading “Great things about being a Tourist in NYC”

Some NYC Central Park Blizzard of ’10 pics

It’s pretty hairy here weather wise.  I got a late start but wanted to get some pics of the city while the snow was fresh.   Central Park is beautiful in any weather.   It was hard keeping the lens snow free.  The snow continues.  Luckily,  I made it back without getting scooped up byContinue reading “Some NYC Central Park Blizzard of ’10 pics”

Short List of Subway train fares in the U.S.

Here’s a breakdown of current subway fares which will all probably be going up soon.  This isn’t a complete list but the most popular and interesting routes in the U.S. New York City MTA: $2.25 Washington D.C. Metro: $1.65-$4.50 Chicago L: $2.25 Boston T: $2.00 San Francisco MUNI: $2.00 Los Angeles Metro:  $1.25 San Juan,Continue reading “Short List of Subway train fares in the U.S.”

NYC: Somewhat secret places to take a break

There’s some much constantly going on around you in NYC.  A break is all you need to take a detour and find a place to regroup that’s close by.  Here’s a list of some great places to visit and get a moment of reprieve from the noise and commotion of the city streets. New YorkContinue reading “NYC: Somewhat secret places to take a break”