Escape from Manhattan

Biking along the west side of Manhattan is one of the best ways to a break away from city and immerse yourself in the beauty of the green pathway that snakes its way around this big island.  The ride from Midtown to Riverside Park (99th Street) takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes.  Anyone thinking about takingContinue reading “Escape from Manhattan”

Spring NYC…what’s going on at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Now that the temps are rising and the sun has made its way through the thick grey clouds of this winter we here in NYC now look forward to many things that begin to open up and remind us that summer is on its way.  This means we can comfortably dine outdoors without the assistanceContinue reading “Spring NYC…what’s going on at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens”

Green is the new grey in Central Park this Spring

In Central Park the new spring season makes green the new grey of the season past.   Rain showers are in the forecast today but they don’t prevent me from visiting.  It’s hard to stay away and not see the park when the landscape is at it’s best.  Central Park is in full bloom.  TheContinue reading “Green is the new grey in Central Park this Spring”

Even More Highline Coming this Spring in NYC

The west-side  High Line has new things to come this spring as it will soon be extending its green paths uptown to 30th Street.  There’s no official date announced but it’s sometime this spring.  The High Line is open to the public until 10pm and this summer there will be food services offered by High LineContinue reading “Even More Highline Coming this Spring in NYC”

Off Season on the Cape

  It’s chilly, a bit windy but the sky is clear and the sun is brighter than it has been in months on Mayflower Beach. This time of year, the beaches lining the peninsula of Cape Cod are really not much different then they are in mid summer – minus the crowds and hot temps.Continue reading “Off Season on the Cape”

Flowers are out along Park Ave NYC

38 rose blossoms crawling with insects bring an early spring to Park Ave NYC thanks to the Public Art fund and artist Will Ryman. The towering pink and red roses adored with crawling bug sculptures stand 3′-22 feet tall along the wintry grey portion of Park Ave. between 57th and 67th Streets. The roses buds themselves weigh up to 2500Continue reading “Flowers are out along Park Ave NYC”