Central Park, angry people and flowers in the rain

It was a more typical late March day in Central Park NYC today.  We have been spoiled with the unseasonably mild warm weather the last week or so.  I still enjoy a misty cool day in NYC since I had the park to myself.  Just me and a few horse and bike carriages.  A horseman and a MTA bus got into a little snafu next to the park so I took a pic to mix it up a bit.

Daffodils, forsythia are in full bloom and the trees are showing some buds.  This rain should make the park green by the weekend.  This means allergy sufferers like myself will be sniffling but what can you do.  It’s spring wild animals are everywhere in the park.  So as the sign says, “Leave the Wild Animals Alone”.  Try and keep away from the cute raccoons, wild ducks and panhandling squirrels, they look harmless until they mistake your finger for a nut.

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