Echo rules Madison Square Park NYC this summer

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What is that glowing white figure in the middle of Madison Square Park?  It’s Echo by artist Jaume Plensa.  This large 44′ tall sculpture is made up of 15 blocks of plaster which have been individually joint together by lead sheets.   The 3-D sculpture is the face of a 9-year-old girl who lives in his neighborhood and name “Echo” comes from a Greek Myth nymph character named Echo.  She looks as though she is listening to the conversations of visitors resting in the soft sun of late spring in the green oasis known as Madison Square Park next to the Flatiron Building.  The photos make it look like I was messing around with a photo editing tool and the sculpture appears unreal in its surroundings.  This is why I encourage people to visit and see for yourself how amazing it is to see in person.

Echo is the first sculpture Spanish artist Jaume Plensa has ever assembled in New York City.  It is also the largest and most expensive piece that the park has ever commissioned.  The artist has always wanted to display his work in this area of the city and found that this creation with its message to the common man was perfect for this bustling venue.

This beautiful span of green is usually filled with sunbathers, office workers on lunch and others enjoying the green.  It is also home to many bold and well fed squirrels.  Today, the towering face is moonlighting as a scarecrow for the green picnic area.  It’s funny to see that most of the park’s puffy tailed residents are keeping a safe distance from the area surrounding the 44′ tall block of marble.

The Catalan artist, Jaume Plensa, has bought a very touching and beautiful piece to Madison Square Park.  This awesome vision named Echo will be peacefully resting in Madison Square park from now until August 14th.

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  1. We just visited the park last week, the sculpture is magnificent! You captured some great shots. I just posted my visit, we fed the squirrels, they will be a post all on their own!

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