Quick stop in Kyoto and on to Kagoshima in Kyushu

Our stay in Kyoto was only a few days but we’re without regrets and are looking forward to what’s ahead. Our plans on where we are going in the weeks ahead are still pretty undefined. They mostly will be dependent on the weather, if we can find an apartment in Tokyo for the month ofContinue reading “Quick stop in Kyoto and on to Kagoshima in Kyushu”

Return to the Land of the Rising Sun

We said good-bye to Shanghai on Friday as we boarded our taxi in the surprisingly sleepy Jing’an District. The ride to Pudong seemed like more a demonstration on how our taxi driver could get us to the airport faster than his nemesis the speedy Maglev.  Of course, there are no working seat belts in thisContinue reading “Return to the Land of the Rising Sun”

What to do outside of Kyoto: Nara

The visitors to the ancient city of Nara crowds mostly have two things that are tops on the bucket list are seeing the giant Daibutsu inside the Todaiji Temple and offering biscuits or shika sembei to the quit pesky and persistant tame deer. The park is large so there’s plenty of places that offer a quiet spaces away fromContinue reading “What to do outside of Kyoto: Nara”