Quick stop in Kyoto and on to Kagoshima in Kyushu

On our way to #KyotoStation #japan

Our stay in Kyoto was only a few days but we’re without regrets and are looking forward to what’s ahead. Our plans on where we are going in the weeks ahead are still pretty undefined. They mostly will be dependent on the weather, if we can find an apartment in Tokyo for the month of June, and if we get totally killed by the weak dollar. For now, we are just careful and try to just enjoy our time whether it ends up being 4 weeks or 7.

We want to make sure we do something new at the beginning just in case we need to go back to China sooner for whatever reason. We are already in Kyoto for a wedding so we decided to head down south and see more of the Kyushu Prefecture. We have been to Nagasaki and Beppu but the rest of the island is new to us and a prices for hotel and transport are more inline with the budget.

Flew #PeachAirline today from #Kansei to #Kagoshima wonderful :)

We decided to try Japan’s first budget airline called Peach. Peach is an affiliate of with ANA, much faster and cheaper than the Shinkansen, and offers great rates to the few cities it currently services. I’m looking forward to it.

We land in Kagoshima and take a bus to the center town where we booked a room. Our list of things to see and do includes biking 37 km around Sakurajima’s volcanic Mount Ontake (working off the wedding food), touring a Shochu Factory, and relaxing an Onsen. Beyond that, I hopefully will get rid of this cold and have some time to figure out what’s next.

So goodbye to Kyoto for now…

While we were in Kyoto we did manage to get some touristy things in like:

#Sagano Scenic #Railway Along the #HozuRiver in #kyoto

Take a boat trip back up the Hozu River
Front row seats on the Boat Ride down the #Hozugawa River #kyoto #japan

and check out some of the temples of southern Kyoto

#Tenryū-ji Temple in #Kyoto #Japan

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