What to do outside of Kyoto: Nara

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The visitors to the ancient city of Nara crowds mostly have two things that are tops on the bucket list are seeing the giant Daibutsu inside the Todaiji Temple and offering biscuits or shika sembei to the quit pesky and persistant tame deer.

The park is large so there’s plenty of places that offer a quiet spaces away from hungry deer and the tour groups.  There are bright orange temples full of beautiful lanterns, dragon wishing wells and numerous shrines where believers put up small wooden plaques containing written prayers and wishes in exchange for a donation.

Nara is a quick train ride away from Kyoto.  There are numerous options which take any where from 33-58 minutes of travel time from Kyoto.  This link from Japan Guide has very clear directions and a nice map and other useful information can be found on Nara’s Official Tourist Site as well.

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