First visit to a real Zoroastrian Fire temple in Yazd (Part 2)

The next stop was a short one to see a flame that burns in the honor of the highest deity in the Zoroastrian religion Ahura Mazda – the lord of Light and Wisdom The fire found inside this temple in Yazd has been burning continuously since 470 AD.  It came to this simple building in 1932.Continue reading “First visit to a real Zoroastrian Fire temple in Yazd (Part 2)”

First visit to a real Zoroastrian Tower of Silence in Yazd (Part 1)

It was hard leaving the chill environment of the Zein-o-din but the journey north continued. Our next destination was Yazd known to be the center of Zoroastrianism. We of course had a few Zorastrian highlights to see before the end of the day. These included the ancient burial platform called the Tower of Silence onContinue reading “First visit to a real Zoroastrian Tower of Silence in Yazd (Part 1)”

A moonlight night at the Zein-o-din

Caravanserai’s were the hostels of the Silk Road hundreds of years ago. The Zein-o-din Caravanserai is a special place in the middle of the desert in Yazd Province. This one was one of two which is circular since most were square. Some visitors take day trips here and others treat themselves to an overnight stay.Continue reading “A moonlight night at the Zein-o-din”

A few stops along the roadway to the Zein-o-din

This was our first day on the road since my husband and I landed in Shiraz just four days prior.  We had visited Persepolis and now we were heading to Cyrus the Great’s burial site and his capital Pasargadae.  After that, we continued on to see the Beehive Ice House structure that was once aContinue reading “A few stops along the roadway to the Zein-o-din”

Out of Shiraz and into the desert

The stay and Shiraz was a great one but it was time to hit the road and get a change of scenery.  We passed by the Qur’an Gate and headed North out of the city.  It would have been great if we could have driven though it like our guide Mahmoud used to when heContinue reading “Out of Shiraz and into the desert”

The Good and Bad of Travel in Iran

Biggest Surprises and what surpassed my expectations in Iran There’s only so much blog reading and picture browsing a future traveler can do before setting out on an adventure to a foreign land.  Information that’s out there via blogs, pictures news articles – reliable and current on travelling to Iran isn’t as prevalent as sayContinue reading “The Good and Bad of Travel in Iran”

Shiraz: Few more interior pics of the Arg of Karim Khan

Here’s more pictures of the interior of the Arg of Karim Khan. I asked what this hole was for and my guide just said “It’s just a hole” and strudged his shoulders. Doh…Sometimes you have to ask those dumb questions. It was probably just for air since it gets pretty steamy in this area ofContinue reading “Shiraz: Few more interior pics of the Arg of Karim Khan”

Good times…when the Zand Dynasty made Shiraz Persia’s Capital

The fortress known as Karim Khani Citadel today shows signs of age.  There’s a tilting tower, missing columns and a Qu’ran missing.  It’s almost 300 years old so all of this isn’t unexpected.  The structure was the main residential palace of Karim Khan-e-Zand and his dynasty and later in the mid 20th century home to prisonersContinue reading “Good times…when the Zand Dynasty made Shiraz Persia’s Capital”

Tons of pictures of Shiraz: Another visit to the Valik Mosque

Late day light and visit to the Vakil Mosque It was the third day into my trip to Iran and my husband and I were ready to take out on our own.  The jet lag had finally faded and the streets of Shiraz were becoming more familiar.  We were on a “tour”  but it wasContinue reading “Tons of pictures of Shiraz: Another visit to the Valik Mosque”

Pictures of Shiraz: First visit to the Vakil Mosque

The first visit to the Valik Mosque located or attached to the Valik Bazaar. The mosque, built between 1751 and 1773, is the best example of architecture constructed during the Zand Dynasty when Shiraz was the capital of Persia. It has withstood many earthquakes and invasions. The mosque is now a registered historical site andContinue reading “Pictures of Shiraz: First visit to the Vakil Mosque”

Iran: What’s on Tap?

After a long hot day on the Silk Road trail travelers like myself are looking for a comfortable seat, good company and a cold beverage to go along with it all. The there’s plenty of beer to choose from at the local packy. They usually come in flavors like pomegranate, lemon, lime, mango, peach and ofContinue reading “Iran: What’s on Tap?”

Ancient Persian Propaganda at Bishapur

The Shapur City or Bishapur is a city built by a defeated Roman Army and their Emperor Valerian. Shapur had many reliefs carved depicting his greatest victories in the battlefield and can still be seen along the sides of the Tang-e Chowgan gorge and under the graves entrances at Naqsh-e Rustam. Shapur is easy toContinue reading “Ancient Persian Propaganda at Bishapur”