Pendulum of Reflection

Most Persian-style mosques are famed for their ornate surfaces and the interior of the Krezrety Omar mosque in Ashgabat certainly lives up to that rich history. What really catches the eye though is the unusual chandelier underneath the central dome. Oscillating, mesmerizing, and constantly reminding the faithful that the sumptuous surroundings are a mear diversionContinue reading “Pendulum of Reflection”

3 Farflung Museums of the World

My current home town of NYC has some pretty amazing museums.  The city is fortunate to have the world’s history and art come to them instead of traveling many time zones away to see it. When I’m traveling I’m always up for checking out the ones that get a little less attention and are somewhatContinue reading “3 Farflung Museums of the World”

Shiraz: Few more interior pics of the Arg of Karim Khan

Here’s more pictures of the interior of the Arg of Karim Khan. I asked what this hole was for and my guide just said “It’s just a hole” and strudged his shoulders. Doh…Sometimes you have to ask those dumb questions. It was probably just for air since it gets pretty steamy in this area ofContinue reading “Shiraz: Few more interior pics of the Arg of Karim Khan”

Tons of pictures of Shiraz: Another visit to the Valik Mosque

Late day light and visit to the Vakil Mosque It was the third day into my trip to Iran and my husband and I were ready to take out on our own.  The jet lag had finally faded and the streets of Shiraz were becoming more familiar.  We were on a “tour”  but it wasContinue reading “Tons of pictures of Shiraz: Another visit to the Valik Mosque”

Iran Tour: the not so ugly four-letter word

We arrived in Shiraz in the early hours and there’s nothing like be greeted with a smile and have a car waiting at 4am. The tour was going to take us through the center of Iran – starting in Shiraz and ending in  Tehran.  We decided to go overland the whole way for a fewContinue reading “Iran Tour: the not so ugly four-letter word”

Tomb of Hafiz in Shiraz

The Musalla Gardens is where the great Persian poet K’aja Sams-al-Din Mohammad Sirazi or later more famously known as Hafiz lays to rest.  A tall pillared mosaic ceiling and slender outlying evergreens shade Hafiz’s marble resting place. The works of Hafiz are influential in modern Persian society with its timeless themes, romantic dreams, and abilityContinue reading “Tomb of Hafiz in Shiraz”