A Walk Around the Jameh Mosque of Na’in

A visit to the oldest inhabited city – Yazd, and now we go and visit the to the oldest mosque in Iran – the Jameh (Friday) Mosque of nearby Nain The city is not only famous for its fine silk carpets but for its Jameh Mosque. ┬áThe outside is very simple and not as colorfulContinue reading “A Walk Around the Jameh Mosque of Na’in”

Persepolis and the Shah’s Last Party

Persepolis is where the first Persian Achaemenid Empire celebratory capital and 2500 years later the site for a hell of a party hosted by Shah Reza and his lovely wife Farah. The ruins of Persepolis date back to 515 BC and Cyrus the Great chose its location and began its construction. Darius the Great firstContinue reading “Persepolis and the Shah’s Last Party”

Day 1 and 2: JFK to Shiraz via Ataturk International

Our ride from JFK to Shiraz and here’s how it went down: Airbus from Manhattan to JFK (1 hour) JFK to Istanbul (10 hours + 6 hour layover + 7 hour time shift) Istanbul to Shiraz (3.5 hours + 2 hour delay + 1.5 hour time shift) Shiraz Airport to hotel (longer than normal halfContinue reading “Day 1 and 2: JFK to Shiraz via Ataturk International”