A Walk Around the Jameh Mosque of Na’in

A visit to the oldest inhabited city – Yazd, and now we go and visit the to the oldest mosque in Iran – the Jameh (Friday) Mosque of nearby Nain

Na'in's Jame Mosque

The city is not only famous for its fine silk carpets but for its Jameh Mosque.  The outside is very simple and not as colorful as many I have seen so far.   It’s design is known as the Khorasani style and was  originally constructed in the 8th century AD. It’s basement is thought to have once been a fire temple so it was first used by members of the Zoroastrian faith.  The mosque is without a three-sided Iwan and does not have the typical tiled dome or grand entrance to other mosques in the area.

Na'in's Jame Mosque

This afternoon we had the place to ourselves.  The alabaster stones found in the ceiling helps illuminate the area during the day when worshippers gather to pray during the hot summer and cold winter days.  The details of the columns and the carvings on the wooden Minbar are a wonder to see in person.

Na'in's Jame Mosque
Na’in’s Jame Mosque Minbar and prayer area

Like many mosques, the Jameh Mosque transformed to what it is today over the centuries with each conqueror making their additions to the structure.  The elaborate brick work seen on the columns and much of the interior  inside were characteristic of the Seljuk period which was around the 11th century. The unusual octagon shaped minaret and wooden minbar was also added to 700 years ago.

Na’in is a natural compliment to seeing the Jameh Mosque found in Esfahan. I recommend seeing it first if you can. It’s makes a good rest stop on the trip between Esfahan and Yazd.

Na'in's Jame Mosque
Mihrab and the wooden Minbar at the Jameh Mosque in Na’in
Na'in's Jame Mosque
Mihrab in the Jameh Mosque
Na'in's Jame Mosque
Grave marker (left) inside of Jameh Mosque in Na’in

The controversial graffiti I referred to at the beginning:

Na'in's Jame Mosque
Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
Grafetti inside the Na'in's Jame Mosque
Grafitti inside the Na’in’s Jame Mosque
Old section of Na'in
Old alleyway of Na’in

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3 thoughts on “A Walk Around the Jameh Mosque of Na’in

  1. Thanks for your posting. Just wanted to add that the mosque you wrote about in Na’in among many others all over Iran is a “masjed jame'” (مسجد جامع lit. comprehensive mosque) and not “masjed jom’e” (مسجد جمعه Friday mosque). In fact, no mosque is called “masjed jom’e.”
    A Jame’ mosque is technically different from a regular mosque (just like a cathedral which is different from a church.) I’m not sure what exactly separates the two. As far as I know, some prayers (like Eid prayers) are preferably held in Masjed Jame’s. The same is true about I’tekaaf (the ritual retreat in a mosque for a certain number of days).

  2. Hi Amir,
    Thanks for your response. I’m always grateful to get feedback on things I’m still learning about. There’s very little on the internet about Na’in..at least in english. This makes me think that I need to do more thorough research which means looking for better references in the library.

    Thanks again and hope to see more feedback in the future from you.


  3. Thanks for your posting.naein jameh mosque on of the oldest mosque in iran….it is the grand mosque of naein city…

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