Sticker Shock in Japan

The island nation of Japan takes its food very seriously or at least tries to justify the large price tag for a very polished melon and other things most people find for much less back home or on the other side of the South China Sea. The same melon here in Japan would only setContinue reading “Sticker Shock in Japan”

Must-See Museum just an hour away from Shanghai

Last month I had the great fortune to have the opportunity to have an extended visit to Shanghai.  Suzhou is one of the most popular day trip attractions for those visiting Shanghai. It’s even possible to visit when transiting through Shanghai because the high-speed trains go almost directly to Suzhou depending on the time. ThereContinue reading “Must-See Museum just an hour away from Shanghai”

Transport with a splash of color

Most trips overseas for the intrepid traveler involve overland travel.  There’s sometimes unavoidable on small islands in the Philippines and the desert expanses of the Middle East.  The road offers adventure, perspective to a new place and experiencing the local color. Some of us have quickly found that schedules in most places do not goContinue reading “Transport with a splash of color”