Transport with a splash of color

Most trips overseas for the intrepid traveler involve overland travel.  There’s sometimes unavoidable on small islands in the Philippines and the desert expanses of the Middle East.  The road offers adventure, perspective to a new place and experiencing the local color. Some of us have quickly found that schedules in most places do not goContinue reading “Transport with a splash of color”

Palawan: it’s bumpy roads, beautiful beaches and bugs…

Just waiting for the next SNOWPOCALYPSE!  Something that the locals and visitors in El Nido on Palawan are probably not ever worried about but not to say they don’t have the wet and windy equivalent.  The snow is about as inevidable as a typhoon in that region but right now it is sunny and aboveContinue reading “Palawan: it’s bumpy roads, beautiful beaches and bugs…”

Hoi An..better part of the Banana Pancake Trail

It’s no wonder Hoi An is on most travelers itineraries while visiting Vietnam and South East Asia. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, a place to do some serious shopping and learn how to cook authentic Vietnamese food by a trained chef. Hoi An represents everything Vietnam is and more.  French, japanese and chinese influencesContinue reading “Hoi An..better part of the Banana Pancake Trail”

Let’s go Junk Boating in Vietnam

Let’s go Junk Boating in Vietnam Looking back at trip pictures of Halong Bay makes me want to skip the holidays and find a cheap ticket back.  Most Vietnam vacations include the not so traditional overnight stay on the famous Junk boats found in northern Vietnam.  Most trips can be arranged by a tour companyContinue reading “Let’s go Junk Boating in Vietnam”

A little slice of paradise

wo years ago this week my husband and I we stuck in Phuket, Thailand.   For most being stuck in a tropical resort beach with nothing to do but looking at naked Europeans and ladyboys playing volleyball in 70-80’s F temperatures is heaven.  For us it was just killing time and itching for something withContinue reading “A little slice of paradise”