Top 10 Reasons NOT to waste money on Trip Insurance

10.  It’s a short trip Short trips never mean that something bad is going happen right?  I guess the odds are in favor but who ever expects anything bad to happen.  It just takes a bad taxi driver, a crazy pack of dogs or just bad luck to get injured while away from home. 9.Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons NOT to waste money on Trip Insurance”

Best Budget Spa Trip in Japan: Beppu Sand Spa

It’s 7:15am on a monday morning (weekend after spring-back daylight savings to boot) and I’m be-gowned and getting conveyed into the  tomb or otherwise known as an MRI machine.  I know, what does a MRI have to do with any trip to the spa to relax?  I guess it was a combination of what IContinue reading “Best Budget Spa Trip in Japan: Beppu Sand Spa”

A trip to plan: will it be Stoic Russian or Festive Mexico?

The trip in May came down to two locations.  Mexico or Russia?  My husband and I had our usual debate.  We breakdown each place and do the pros and cons, look to see what the weather is like when we can travel, find out if there are any holidays that could get in the wayContinue reading “A trip to plan: will it be Stoic Russian or Festive Mexico?”

Squat Toilets…what’s all the flush?

The reward for the best Squat Toilet scene in a movie by no doubt goes to Slum Dog Millionaire.  It’s actually a very big smelly problem in countries like India.This is a great video from YouTube done by user rahulbrown that gives a good understanding of how valuable something most of us take advantage ofContinue reading “Squat Toilets…what’s all the flush?”

Short List of Subway train fares in the U.S.

Here’s a breakdown of current subway fares which will all probably be going up soon.  This isn’t a complete list but the most popular and interesting routes in the U.S. New York City MTA: $2.25 Washington D.C. Metro: $1.65-$4.50 Chicago L: $2.25 Boston T: $2.00 San Francisco MUNI: $2.00 Los Angeles Metro:  $1.25 San Juan,Continue reading “Short List of Subway train fares in the U.S.”

Top 5 Reasons to get Travel Insurance

When planning a trip  the usual things that go through a person’s mind are the exciting things they will see and how much fun they are going to have.  It’s not surprising that many will purposely avoid thinking of the bad things such as what happens if I l break a limp, get food poisoningContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons to get Travel Insurance”