Top 10 Reasons NOT to waste money on Trip Insurance

10.  It’s a short trip

Short trips never mean that something bad is going happen right?  I guess the odds are in favor but who ever expects anything bad to happen.  It just takes a bad taxi driver, a crazy pack of dogs or just bad luck to get injured while away from home.

9.  I don’t do adventure sports/activities

When looking at the breakdowns of what trip insurance costs there are usually some fine print items intended to be easily overlooked. They usually are the exclusions of what the plan will not be responsible for.  They usually include such activities like scuba diving, bungee jumping, winter downhill sports and other extreme sports.  If you don’t do these things that’s fine but you may warm up to the idea after a few drinks..then what?

8.  I can eat ANYTHING…I have a cast-iron stomach

There are a million things out there that can make a traveler get sick.  These include things that you are used to eating on a regular basis at home and may even be imported from your travel destination.  I found out this the hard way.  I couldn’t resist the peak season bing cherries in Istanbul and had been deeply encouraged to try the “fresh” fish sandwiches off a boat docked on the Bosphorus.  My mistake.  I finally took a taxi to the American Hospital after many hours of waiting for the facial swelling to go down and thinking my hives where just going to go away.

7.  I know what to stay away from

The world you are visiting is usually unfamiliar and that’s the adventure of going there in the first place right?  Time should be taken to get an idea of the what’s going on locally.  It’s usually the sports and political events or both that get people riled up.   It’s best not to be too curious and get caught up in the energy unless you are ready to get roughed up.  I usually walk in the opposite direction as fast as possible since I can do without the drama and I’ll see what happened later.

6.  I’m young

Being young is good when it comes to getting hurt but it’s not going save you from a snake bite or hard fall.  Getting stuck somewhere because you don’t have insurance can scary.  It’s hard to figure out how to get better when you are in pain and far from home.  The right insurance will get you treated, get you out or bring in family if need be.  Well worth it.

5. The airlines always are looking out for my best interest

Airlines like many businesses will most likely not be 100% on your side if it comes to getting you on the next flight if you missed or if it was cancelled for whatever reason.  There are many times where they will find that it’s your fault that you missed the flight or you have a ticket that’s economy and can’t be transferred.  The right plan can help you in this tricky situation and get you on your way.

4.  I bring a carry-on

The carry-on has made it through check-in but if you are the last one on there may not be any room to put it.  This problem has been made worse since most airlines are tacking on a fee for checked baggage.  You bag could end up being checked at the gate if you don’t manage to get it in the small overhead bin.  If that checked bag doesn’t make it to wherever you are going let’s hope you can afford to replace what you had for a day or more.  Hopefully it’s just a bathing suit.

3.  I never get sick

Who doesn’t get sick?  Ok…some don’t but flying across many times zones, the  usual lack of sleep, nutrition and exposure to new environments are all things that make a person most vulnerable to illness whether it be a cold, flu are allergic reaction to something you didn’t know you were even allergic to.  The over the counter drugs may not be strong enough to get over whatever bug you picked up.   Let’s hope that the local pharmacy doesn’t need a prescription and you are studying to be a medical professional.

2.  My credit card is safe

Credit cards are much more useful than the travelers checks of the old days.  They are good as long as the numbers aren’t swiped.  It’s very easy for people to get a hold of your numbers and clean you out while you are traveling.  There are many times where you can’t use local currency to book a room or reserve a side trip.  Trip insurance is the back up plan to getting back what was stolen including credit cards and the like.

1. I’m NOT a U.S. citizen

Ok…this is the only one I can’t argue.  For citizens of Britain, Canada and the EU have the option of buying relatively cheap travel insurance when they go beyond their borders.  We don’t and when we do get Travel Insurance coverage it is expensive if you get a good plan without a very high deductible impossible to find one that will cover you as soon as you land back in the states.

Travel insurance is something like deciding to not take anti-malarial drugs when in possible infected areas.  There are some who think that it’s not for them and the would rather use the money towards extending their trip.  Why get something if you arent’ going to use it?  This is a risk that many take but at least most of the world has healthcare facilities that aren’t as expensive out of pocket then here in the U.S.  (set aside quality of course).  A trip to a U.S. emergency room and easily go up into the tens of thousands for those hurt while visiting.  There is a good chance they will have to just put in on the card and get reimbursed for some or all of it when they return home.  Maybe someday it will happen here in the U.S?  Somehow, I doubt it.

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