Heavenly Site in Morelia

Pastel flower chandeliers, gold, pink, red, and orange dominate the massive interior of Morelia’s most vibrant church.  Several European styles are at play here, but the color scheme is genuinely Mexican. Visitors arrive and pray for good health, fortune, and protection from evil in high hopes that the Virgin of Guadalupe is listening.  It’s aContinue reading “Heavenly Site in Morelia”

12 Fiestas before Christmas

The church bells ring again at the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Salud in the former capital of the Purepecha nation.  This time it is the signal for a group of women wearing embroidered dresses and fastened with long colorful braids to begin dancing in the center of the church courtyard.  It is one ofContinue reading “12 Fiestas before Christmas”

The Sacred Tree

Many religions of the world use a “Tree of Life” symbol when depicting scriptures and teachings of their book of prayers.  Tree-shaped clay sculptures, or the Arbol de le vida, represent the connections between the living and the dead, man and earth, and the heavens and the underworld in Mexico. The colorfully painted clay sculpturesContinue reading “The Sacred Tree”

House of the Wind

Tzintzuntzan is the former ancient capital city of the once powerful P’urhépecha people. Five semi-circular pyramids or yácatas sit above the quiet town center. The hill offers visitors panoramic views of Lago de Patzcuaro and park signs surrounding the site tell of a history of the area before the Spanish arrived. Many visitors experience aContinue reading “House of the Wind”

Beauty that must die in Tzintzuntzan

The fallen will always be remembered by loved one’s living in Mexican villages like Tzintzuntzan. Family and friends are free to fashion family plots as they see fit.  Cemeteries here are void of high maintenance.  There ar no green lawns, but instead there are colorful flowers, pictures, and personal offering left inside plots of theContinue reading “Beauty that must die in Tzintzuntzan”

Patzcuaro: Pueblo Magico

The Mexican state of Michoacán stretches all the way from the Pacific Coast east through the colonial heartland of Mexico. Patzcuaro was once the capital of Michoacán and looks very much like it did after the Spanish rebuilt it over 500 years ago.  The area, with its interesting history, diverse culture, landscape and geography, makes forContinue reading “Patzcuaro: Pueblo Magico”

Need a break from the long winter..why not go to Tulum?

Why Tulum and not an all-inclusive resort with more food and drink then you can handle? Tulum is nothing like its spring break neighbor Cancun and its mega resort filled beaches of Playa del Carmen who lie just north in the Mayan Riviera coast of Mexico.  Mexico is getting it’s butt kicked tourism wise byContinue reading “Need a break from the long winter..why not go to Tulum?”

A visit to Chac the Rain God @ Chichen Itza

Don’t go to Chichen Itza…you can’t walk up the Pyramid anymore…it’s crowded with locals selling junk…it’s hot and there’s no cover…blah blah blah. Of course I ignored all of that and joined the masses in a pilgrimage to the ruins of this member of both UNESCO and new member of the 2007 New Seven WondersContinue reading “A visit to Chac the Rain God @ Chichen Itza”