The Bearded Rockskipper and why we travel

The Bearded Rockskipper is what those odd fish/lizard/snake creatures are called.  I had been combing the internet just to satisfy my curiosity.  I can get a bit obsessed when it comes to figuring out why?, what? or how come? while traveling.  I guess it’s why I travel because I will hopefully always be curious. My walk along the shore inContinue reading “The Bearded Rockskipper and why we travel”

The Great RTW Trip: Where to end it!

Planning a RTW trip for a year is something that one can never spend enough time doing.  No matter how long you plan and how much research is done, there’s always unplanned incidents which that can throw a huge wrench into any well thought out itinerary.  My only advise is to have two things.  AContinue reading “The Great RTW Trip: Where to end it!”