Hiking up to the Surface of the Moon in Japan

The beautiful landscape shaped by volcanoes and the art of bathing in a onsen attracts many visitors to Japan and beautiful mountain towns like Aso. This small town is the prefect place to experience Japanese culture and see one of the countries largest active volcanoes even in the rainy season.  If it is sunny –Continue reading “Hiking up to the Surface of the Moon in Japan”

The Sweet Volcanic Breezes of Mount Aso

JR Station in Kumamoto City Enough with castles for now and the cramped living style of the business hotel. Many parts of Kumamoto City are attractive enough for a short visit. The beauty and the history of the city can be seen in a few hours. Most of the major attractions are located in theContinue reading “The Sweet Volcanic Breezes of Mount Aso”

Where to go other than Tokyo or Kyoto: Beppu

It’s 7:15am on a monday morning (weekend after spring-back daylight savings to boot) and I’m be-gowned and getting conveyed into the  tomb or otherwise known as an MRI machine.  I know, what does a MRI have to do with any trip to the spa to relax?  I guess it was a combination of what IContinue reading “Where to go other than Tokyo or Kyoto: Beppu”

Best Budget Spa Trip in Japan: Beppu Onsen

Beppu is a spa playground for everyone.  There are so many choices that it’s hard to figure out which to not miss.  I had already taken to the hot sand baths and was ready to find my next indulgence. My husband and I were looking for a private onsen this time which had a greatContinue reading “Best Budget Spa Trip in Japan: Beppu Onsen”