Egypt’s baksheesh industry..will it survive?

The people who are benefiting the least Mubarak leaving office sooner than later are his police forces and political allies.  They are the ones who ask for the baksheesh even if they don’t do anything helpful or even help someone cross the street safely in Downtown Cairo. Some took to the streets and were takingContinue reading “Egypt’s baksheesh industry..will it survive?”

Cairo and it’s baksheesh and sheesha

It’s hot and almost too hot, smoggy and as always, the streets are filled with cars, horse and buggies and motorbikes.   Taking the camera out and trying to capture what it’s like to walk around Cairo is the last thing I think about doing.  Just want to get around without loosing a body partContinue reading “Cairo and it’s baksheesh and sheesha”

Old Cairo: Coptic Hanging Churches and the Oldest Mosque in Africa

Old Cairo is where most major religions of the country and continent meet.  The AmrIbn el-Aas Mosque and the Hanging Church reside in this part of town and have been neighbors for almost for almost 1400 years.  They are both amazing structures to view and can’t be missed on a trip to Cairo.