Watch Your Step

Kashgar’s Sunday Livestock Market experience is equivalent to going back in time. Horses waiting for a test drive and Bactrian Camels seemingly striking a pose for the cameras are a couple of highlights for curious visitors. This place is all business, so in the very least try to stay clear of the path of gallopingContinue reading “Watch Your Step”

Time to head home

Animals usually travel to and from Kashgar’s Livestock Market on the backs of trucks, inside the trunks and back seats of cars, or packed inside trailers pulled either by a motor bike, horse or donkey.  Sheep and lamb are usually tossed in and out like bails of hay, while agitated cows, camels, horses and donkeysContinue reading “Time to head home”

There is more than one way to dress a sheep

Scenes from Kashgar’s Sunday Livestock Market in China’s Xinjiang Province are more typical of neighboring Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan then of the Motherland itself.  How big your flock is, how well they cared for and their appearance is a reflection on the owner and his family.  A respectfully dressed sheep and a nice knife are aContinue reading “There is more than one way to dress a sheep”

Silk Road Market Canteen

Sunday Livestock Market remains unfazed by political skirmishes, religious clashes and regional social shifts. At this point, regional disruptions pass through town like dust storms through the Karakorum desert. Most deals and negotiations being made each Sunday, whether it be an addition to the flock or more horse power, usually involve the parties acting inContinue reading “Silk Road Market Canteen”