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Many of us back prior to late winter of 2020 thought little of getting on a plane or bus to go and see someone or some place near or far. It was more a matter of price and distance than risking your health to visit a friend or distant land. We could plan well ahead or just a few days before depending on the purpose and complexity of the trip. These days, there’s no question that there are even more obstacles to plan around than just a couple of years ago. Travel restrictions concerning health and safety protocols are officially dropping in places like Europe, but many places are still not back to what normal was and perhaps never will be. Streets in places like here in Amsterdam are still very quiet and you almost never see a long line at the Anne Frank House. Yes, it’s that bad.

Quiet canals

Places like Amsterdam need to get tourists back since our economy relies way too much on the money the tourist groups big and small spend here. I kind of miss seeing tourists from outside of Europe and the diversity they brought with them. I know I’m not alone when stating that. Yeah, I can remember it wasn’t all tulips and rainbows when it came to all the near misses involving tourists and their lack of biking skills, but not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place where bikers have rights. These same people have always brought new faces and happy energy (sometimes drugs were involved) to the city. Hopefully this spring the tulips will draw them back in, and bring the city back to being what it always was. A happy place where people eat cheese, drink beer on a terrace and watch the canal life go by while seated in a glass enclosed boat.

Moving forward

I believe all will be much different in the new tourist season ahead. Keukenhof opens soon, Kings Day and its festivities are scheduled, and it’s been officially announced that the Pride parade and the Milkshake Festival are set to go on later in the summer.

What to expect

If you are considering a trip to Amsterdam, then there has never been a better time to visit. If you haven’t been here in awhile, there is a chance that your favorite places are still up and running. There’s even some new places that have popped up including cafes, shops and museums like the StreetArt Museum.

Street Art in Noord

The dutch government has offered business’ assistance these past couple of years, and many found creative ways to keep money flowing in. Most business’ and attractions are open and you will never be more welcome as you are now. Take advantage of the thinner crowds while you can. Don’t know where to stay or what to do? Then start with this magazine published by Iamsterdam. It is a great place to start before planning a trip to Amsterdam.

Streets of Jordaan

Until then, zie jullie allemaal terug dit voorjaars. The quiet canals will be waiting! Check out my instagram for photos of what things are currently looking like in the area. I only post new photos along with stories and reels. Feel free to ping me!


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