The End of the Yellow Brick Road

Rebuilt Sections of the Ancient Parthian city of Nisa

The phrase ‘lost to the sands of time’ tends to conjure up thoughts of mighty empires that have faded away into the desert. Nisa, the first capital of the Parthians, is no different in the dusty hills a short distance outside of Ashgabat. The spectacular mountaintop setting on what is now the Turkmenistan/Iran border belies an eery silence of its literally lush past. Peaceful, yet one has to wonder if this is the fate of future realms as well.

2 responses to “The End of the Yellow Brick Road”

  1. Gorgeous photo! Spectacular location indeed. Love the composition too.

  2. PS. If you happen to be a match for our online photography gallery (mental health connected) we’d love to feature you and some of your gorgeous photography! Please email and let me know if you are interested in being a contributor, or have questions. There’s also submission info on the site. Best of luck with your adventures!

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