Taking Flight in Bryant Park

Blue Ribbon by Cori B (farflungistan) on 500px.com
Blue Ribbon by Cori B

Spring actually started as early as February in this section of the world and some would believe winter was a very kind one to all of us after how much snow was dumped on us last year.  We had 70 degree days in January and we had very few that went below freezing.  The early spring is a bit confusing but not unwelcome to those of us who are more than ready to lose the winter digs.  It just makes one wonder what kind of weather is ahead of us as summer is rapidly pushing up the eastern coast line.

I’m enjoying the perfect weather here on the island.  There’s nothing better and more refreshing than spending time in NYC’s numerous parks, dining under the sky and being able to lighten the load by leaving the wool jacket, gloves and scarves behind.

My favorite spot is the little piece of green right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan and it’s Bryant Park.  This little park has something for locals, tourists, families and those looking to escape their office/cube for a few.

Lego Lion at the Schwarzman Library in Manhatton by Cori B (farflungistan) on 500px.com
Lego Lion guarding the main entrance of the Schwarzman Library in Manhattan

So many FREE things to do in this lovely little piece of green in Midtown Manhattan

There’s a number of places to enjoy a good read.  This is a place where you can grab a table and chair relax by the fountain with a book from either the Mid Manhattan Library on 5th Ave and 41st Street or the historical Stephen A Schwarzman Library on 5th and 42nd Street. Get to the park in the early afternoon, grab a pint and lounge amongst the financial big wigs inside the Patio sponsored by the Southwest Airlines or the Bryant Park Cafe on the eastern end.

The Patio and a group playing chess in the Park by Cori B (farflungistan) on 500px.com
Chess or a pint at the Southwest Airlines Patio seen here in the background?

The park also offers a number of other free activities for both adults and their little ones.  There’s someone waiting right now looking for a friendly challenge.  For little ones  and others who are not quite ready or in the mood to compete there’s a carousel humming along to classic french cafe music, an area next to it dedicated to kids books and plenty of food vendors who provide the perfect picnic lunch to enjoy in the park.

Friendly game of Pétanque in Bryant Park by Cori B (farflungistan) on 500px.com
Friendly game of Pétanque in Bryant Park

For the sporty crowd looking for some action there’s ping-pong tablesPétanque along with free lessons as well as plenty of chess and backgammon boards  set up at tables lining the park.  These activities provide a way to meet locals and see that there’s more to Times Square then bright lights, chain stores and tour bus hustlers.  One could just about manage to make a full or half day just within the confides of this wonderful little park in the center of midtown.

Late Winter Bryant Park Ground Hog Day 2012
Bryant Park Ping Pong is amongst the many outdoor sports offers in the park and it’s FREE

And did I mention how really nice the bathrooms are?

Bryant Park by Cori B (farflungistan) on 500px.com
Nicest public restrooms in all of Manhattan. Those flowers are real.

The main lobby of the Schwarzman Library in Manhattan by Cori B (farflungistan) on 500px.com
The main lobby of the Schwarzman Library in Manhattan. The rest of the building is even nicer and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Mid day in Bryant Park by Cori B (farflungistan) on 500px.com
Mid day in Bryant Park and a little on the quiet side. Get there before noon to get a good seat with a view. The lawn is the former site of Fashion week tents.

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