Iran – The Plan

Our Plans are coming to fruition

Our flight on Turkish Airlines departs on Thursday at 11pm EST and lands in  Shiraz at 2am Saturday.  No worries since there’s no way to get around it.   Mahmoud from Pars Travel Agency  is going to meet us on arrival and will then  take us on a short 14 day tour.  The journey will take us over land and through the desert and visiting many UNESCO sites located along the eastern side of the Zagroes Mountains.    We will finish our tour in Tehran where we will tour museums and hopefully will have some time to enjoy  this modern and relatively new capital of Iran.   We will be taking another early morning flight out of  Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport to Istanbul. Our trip was extended since while were in the neighborhood we mine as well turn the 5 hour layover into a 3 day stay.   Visiting Istanbul is never gets old and who can get tired of seeing the great Blue Mosque at night and walking the streets of the Sultanahmet.

Sunset in Shiraz

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