The Frying Pan is open @ Pier 66…well sort of


The Frying Pan is summed up the best by this Yelper who said on April 17th this year:

“I like drinking, I like boats, and I like the great outdoors. Ergo, I like Frying Pan. On a beautiful spring day it’s absolutely magical that you can be sipping a beer and overlooking the Hudson.”

The Frying Pan has been open on and off since to some capacity since the beginning of February.  Their twitter handle @Pier66Maritime is the only place to go to find out what’s being served, when it’s being served and if they are even serving.  On February 17th this year they sent this tweet out:

“If anyone’s curious, we are planning to open the flaps Friday daytime. No food. And when it gets cold, we’re going home.”

It seemed a bit early in the season but I felt good just knowing that a little bit of sunshine was on the horizon even though there was still snow on the sidewalks.

Lately it’s been full of encouraging tweets like this one sent :

“Bar and kitchen open… Nice out.”

And this sad but encouraging one sent today at 4pm: 

“Closing down … Too cold. Open tomorrow with kitchen even if it rains open at noon”

The official website of Pier 66 Maritime says they are officially open May-October.   There’s little time left before the crowds show up and the place looks more like a night club in the Meatpacking District  with bouncers, bracelets, lines for the bathroom etc.  Now is time to go – weather permitting of course.  Let’s hope for some a warm sunny days before May Day so we can all enjoy our  brews in a bucket  and greasy burgers without unpleasant distractions and long waits at the bar.


The piers are quiet and just coming into bloom so head out to the Piers for a nice walk, a beer and a pleasant view of the water and early spring.

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