Takayama: A great day trip from Tokyo or Kyoto

Takayama has the looks of what “old” Japan used to look like.  Located in the mountains in the northern Gifu prefecture,  Takayama has been protected from modernization.  Well…to some degree.  The snowy winters,  fertile land for rice fields and mountain spring water make it a a perfect place for sake brewing. The snow can cut the population off from the rest of Japan but they pass the time by brewing sake from the fall harvest and while it’s brewing they can take relaxing breaks their hot springs.  Life sounds pretty good here.

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5 of the best things to while visiting Takayama are:

1.  Partaking in a  Takayama Sake Brewery Crawl (all give free samples)

2.  Touring Takayama’s Traditional Hida Village and outdoor Museum

3.  Visiting the Morning Market and take a look at what is in season, do a little shopping and enjoy a japanese snack along the river.

4.  After shopping, take to the Hot Springs or treat yourself to a night at a local Ryokan

5.  Take a walk around Takayama and see the temples and historical buildings that are located in and above the town

This town makes for a great day trip outside of Tokyo or detour when going to or coming from Kyoto.

By  JR Rail:

Tokyo -> Takayama

Takayama -> Kyoto

I’m on a budget so I stayed at the J-Hoppers Hostel that’s a 10 minute walk from the JR station and just about the center of town.  There are a number of great Ryokans to choose from if you want to upgrade 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Takayama: A great day trip from Tokyo or Kyoto

  1. Thank you for writing so much about Takayama. I look all over the web for quality posts about Hida Takayama and your is GREAT! So many details about what to do and see here.
    And how to arrive here. Great!
    I shared a link to your post so others can read it too. If you liked Takayama so much, you could join us on facebook. Just look for Hida Takayama pages on fb. We would love to enlarge our group and number of fans. So you and your quality writing are highly welcome! Your photos too!


  2. Thanks so much for the kind words and the link back to my post. I loved Takayama and hopefully more travelers will add it to their Japan trip itinerary. It’s really an amazing place.


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