What to see in Tokyo: Gojira..better known as Godzilla

Most of us growing up in the late 70’s early 80’s in Massachusetts were spending lunch in front of the TV watching Godzilla movies on the Creature Double Feature hour on channel 56 on Saturdays.  It was so popular that it ousting the Candlepin bowling out of the mid day spot and up to the 2pm slot..can you believe it?..how great was that?   I mean Candlepin bowling…

The Japanese were even crazier about Godzilla even before it made it’s way to the U.S.  This martial arts trained atomic fire spewing indestructible creature marched into Japanese cinemas in 1954.  The movie was entitled “Gojira” and was directed by the late but not forgotten Ishiro Honda.  The giant monster starred  in 28 films all together and were all proudly produced by Toho Co., Ltd..

The less than life size statue that is attributed to the late Ishiro Honda is located outside of the Toho Hibiya Building in Ginza.  Here are some directions on how to find it.  It’s in what is known as Hibiya Park and here’s two ways to get there by metro:

  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, “Hibiya” Station 2 minute walk from Exit A5
  • Yurakucho Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, “” Ginza Station 5 minute walk from Exit C1

It’s a great sight to see while in Ginza…or maybe just go for the adventure in finding it.

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