As the Corona Quarantine days go in Amsterdam !

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Happy Spring!!!  I bet you almost forgot.

Today is the 4 or is it 5th day I have spent mostly indoors in Amsterdam.


Woke up at like I have been for the past week.  Not sure why.  Whhhyyy???


Got out of bed

Looked in the mirror… and quickly looked away.

Noticed my face was a bit red…my throat feels a little scratchy…and I look a bit pale under all of that…then I sneeze … ut huh. Could it be? Ugh.

Today there wasn’t any online yoga, so my morning is totally freed up…so busy.


Prepared breakfast. Yogurt, a banana that is turning a bit brown, granola, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts….etc. I’m reluctantly starting to use up the soy milk.  I wasn’t thinking clearly while shopping last week.   The shelves where already emptying out. AH had no TP, prepared foods, or eggs.  All other milk-like long life cartons were quickly disappearing.  Now, I’m stuck with it…blaaak.  There are worse things.


Ate breakfast and put off the second course (coffee) until later (9am)


Headache coming on and irritability is coming on (signs of withdrawals)



Read news, FB, IG, Twitter…

See crazy people I ghost are putting up not so nice things like making icon’s that read “STAY THE F*&%K AT HOME” and (same person) squawking about a flower stall across from her home who is still open.  “Who wants to buy flowers?”

My almost answer “Well…me. Someone who is trying to support a very small business…who, like others, want something nice to look at while trapped inside?”

Now, think nice thoughts, de-friend and carry-on with my busy morning.

Thought about another cup of coffee. Naaa,  just wait until after lunch.



There’s a low supply of eggs and cheese in the fridge… this causes some concern, but I live in Amsterdam, NL.  Cheese and bread are staples in most homes here.  Yes,  people now are just hoarding the TP and potato chips. Plus,  PM Mark Rutte says (if my dutch is any good) that there’s nothing to worry about.  We have plenty of the essentials.  Hopefully this is referring to the supply of cheese, eggs, TP, milk, hagelslag, kwark, chocolate and bread of all shapes and sizes.


The dirt that fell out of the plant I tipped over earlier in the day after watering them is now vacuumed up.  (trying not to love them too much…or they won’t survive the Apocalypse).

The remainder of the apartment is now clean as well.  Is it bad that I just vacuumed 2 days ago?

Note to self.  I notice some OCD patterns are beginning to develop.



I put on pants and regular street clothes for the hell of it.  Tomorrow maybe a good day to clean out the closet…big MAYBE.

Now that I’m dressed…Tea Time!


My WordPress account is still working.  I haven’t touched it in years.


The Log-in was a success.  😀 Yeas!


Writing away.  Writing and yoga both help keep the mind healthy.


Finished with entry.

In the meantime…

Here’s a pic of this day in 2012.  It was way back when I still lived in NYC. The blue hour was looking so lovely that evening in the Theater district – West 44th (b/w 7th + 8th Ave.)  The lens needed some cleaning, but still it’s a nice view.  You know the steam pipe is probably still there after all these years.  I’m so looking forward to finding out if it is very soon.

Majestic Theater
Sunset on 20 March 2012 with my iPhone 4S in the Theater District, Midtown Manhattan – NYC


The post is edited and going up.  Hopefully no one is really reading this big ramble. 🤪

17 more days, 8 hours until the Dutch government will allow normal life to continue.

Have a nice day and wash your hands after reading.

Stay well!

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