It’s still summer here in Amsterdam πŸ˜Ž

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The rain stopped for a few hours and blue skies with puffy white clouds created a live-view Dutch Golden Age painting. On days like this, people seem to drop what they are doing and descend on the canals. Above is one of the many most photographed corners of Amsterdam and a typical scene in a sunny afternoon. I’m lucky to call it my buurt (neighborhood).

Generally, most tour and leisure boats pass through this chaotic canal intersection (Prinsengracht and Brouwersgracht). The many local brown cafes here in northern Jordaan are usually packed with as many Amsterdammers as out-of-towners. People are simply celebrating life and the nice weather (in case you didn’t know…we usually get lots of rain here). Everyone is welcome, so grab a drink and join the fun.

Better yet, soak up the city while enjoying a boat ride. Reserve a seat on an open boat tour like this one. Nothing is more gezellig than looking up at Amsterdam from a boat with refreshments in hand.

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